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Guide To Using Fire Extinguisher



guidelines to fire extinguisher

The Federal Road safety commission has made it mandatory for every car owner in Nigeria to own an updated ABC fire extinguisher. However, many people that own this equipment doesn’t know the proper way to use it or the right place it should be kept in a home or car.

Guidelines to use extinguishers

These Are The Basic Principles You Need To Know:

  • If you don’t have fire extinguisher in your vehicle or house then you are wrong.
  • If you have, but you don’t know how to apply it then you are wrong.
  • If you have, can apply it and its updated (not expired) but no one knows how to operate it except you then you are wrong.
  • If you have, you can apply, and every around can apply but its hidden or not placed in a strategic position then you are wrong.
  • If you have, you can apply, you teach people around how to apply and the equipment is updated in good pressure and placed near an exit position then you are correct.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Used:

The following is a list and explanation of the different classes of fires.

  • CLASS A-fire in ordinary combustible materials, such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many plastics.
  • CLASS B-fires in flammable liquids, gases, and greases.
  • CLASS C-fires that involve energised electrical equipment where the electrical non-conductivity of the extinguishing medium is of importance.
  •  CLASS D-fires in combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium and potassium.

The type of the extinguisher will be marked on the shell of the extinguisher.  The shell is the outer-casing of the extinguisher.  However the ABC fire extinguishers are the most common used in homes and vehicles.

How to Effectively Apply the Fire Extinguisher:

Observe the fire to see the magnitude, if its way taller than you please never resort to these measures, rather call the fire service, if its below your height and at early stage then apply the extinguisher with these steps.

  • Pull the pin (see the top section, the pin runs through the handle)
  • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire source for more effectiveness.
  • Squeeze the trigger in a controlled manner to release the agent.
  • Sweep from side to side until the fire is completely put out.

Maintenance Measures:

It is important to do a complete and thorough inspection to assure that the extinguisher operates properly in an emergency situation.


Properly charged means that the powder is under a certain   pressure/square inch.  An extinguisher needs enough charge so that when  it is discharged, there is an ample amount of dry chemical with a velocity sufficient enough to propel the chemical 10-20 feet.

The range of a properly charged extinguisher is between 185-205 p.s.i.  This value is displayed on the pressure gauge. If the extinguisher is properly charged, the dial of the pressure gauge will be in the green section.

A reading   below 185 p.s.i. is considered undercharged which may be an indication that the extinguisher was discharged or leaking.  It may not have sufficient powder to properly extinguish a fire.  The dial of the pressure gauge will be below the green section.

If the gauge reads above 205 p.s.i., the extinguisher is overcharged and the dial will be above the green section. An overcharged extinguisher may not interfere with the discharge process, but it may damage the gaskets of the hose and cause leakage.





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Car Maintenance

Vehicle tires: Truth About The Manufacturing And expiration Date



tire manufacturing and expiration date

It’s possible to buy a brand new tire that is either expired or about to expire without knowing. In order to avoid this, the department of transportation has made it mandatory for manufacturers to include the production date onto the side wall of every tire produced.

Every tire has series of codes either numbers or letters imprinted on the walls indicating its properties such as the size, production date, production number among other codes. It’s highly necessary to always check for the production dates of tires before purchase.

Some tire manufactures give a guarantee of 4 years while others give 6-10 years however it’s not safe to rely on dates as the longevity of tires largely depends on the conditions of use. In general, if you maintain your tire in good condition, they should last 25,000-50,000 miles roughly 4-5 years or more.

The manufacturing date is written as four digits number, the first two digits represent the week, while the last two numbers represents the year of manufacture. The number comes without any alphabet attached to it rather it might come with the Asterisks sign (ᵡ) before and after it. From the manufactured date you can deduce the expiration date.

Tire manufacturing and expiry

There is no official expiration date written on the side walls of tires, it’s believed that tires don’t last more than 5-6 years.

Let’s say the number 1615 is imprinted on the side wall of a tire, meaning it was manufactured on the 16th week (Before the last week of April) in the year 2015  and it begins to age, therefore its advised to think of replacing tires from 16th week of 2019. Though this differs with degree of use and country, some countries with less UV rays, less potholes and better climate condition often last up to 6 years or more but it’s safe to replace tires once they age.

To Improve The Shelf Life Of Your Tire, Ensure To Maintain These Points.

  •  Monthly and yearly maintenance of your tire.
  • Observe the tread depth, 2/32 tread becomes dangerous to use due to reduced chances of hydroplaning.
  • Monitor your tire pressure to avoid damage or low fuel economy.
  • Avoid over speeding as it speeds up the process of oxidation and therefore leading to aging of tires.
  • Avoid potholes.
  • Avoid quick start and sudden breaking.
  • Ensure you rotate tires every 3000-6000 miles.

For safety purposes please confirm the date of your tires. Remember driving is a risk; therefore reduce the risk by ensuring you have safe tires.

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Car Maintenance

Standard Auto Work-Shops In Nigeria



Good auto-workshop in Nigeria

Buying a car is one of the most exciting things to do, many business men, company owner’s politicians and government officials can spend a fortune to acquire some latest Rides. Some men prefer it customised for the sake of peculiarity.

Automobile market all over the world, receives new exotic machines with sophisticated technology on regular bases. Nigeria is rated among the first five countries that purchase most exotic machines in the world.

But we all know that good maintenance is the key to the life span of a car. Road side mechanics are never in the radar for the maintenance of some sophisticated cars to prevent complete breakdown.

Here are list of Professional Mechanics that are specialised with brands and offer quality services.


Professionals in Lagos State:

Name: Eng. Yerima

Specialty: All brands

Location: Lagos

Number: 08033538555


Name: Bobajo

Specialty: BMWs, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz.

Location: Ap Filling Station, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.

Number: 08032516258.



Specialty: Audi

Number: 08060274176

Location: Lagos


Name: Wumi

Specialty: All brands

Number: 08023942862.

Location: Lagos



Speciality: Electrical section for Volks, Audi group, Toyota and BMW’s

Number: 08036851111

Location: Lagos.


Professionals in FCT Abuja

Name: Brite Auto Care Solution.

Speciality: All Brands

Location: FCT Abuja, Murtala Mohammed Express Way

Number: 08122711058, 08162907680.


Professionals in Enugu

Name: Frank

Speciality: Re-branding of vehicles

Number: 08063894442

Location: Enugu


Professionals in Akure

Name: ….

Speciality: All brands

Number: 08146456939, 08033110035

Location: 2, Lafbart, Automobile Road Behind Automart/NNPC Mega Filling Station, Illesha

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Auto News

Repair Car Dents, Yourself



Repair your car dents yourself

It doesn’t get funny when you turn to your car and see it has a huge dent on it. Your first thought would be the cost and the time it will take to get it fixed.

Here is an easy method to fix the dent yourself and save some Money. All you need is a boiling water and a toilet plunger and its done. Gradually pour the boiling water to the surface of the affected area, while the area is warm it becomes easy to set, then place the toilet plunger and pull it to shape.

You could also use your hand to pull it to shape, if the dented area is within your reach.

Repair your car dents

Before and After Looks

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Guide To Using Fire Extinguisher

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