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Fastest Way To Learn How To Drive a Manual Transmission



Driving a manual transmission is very pleasurable though it’s more technical than driving an automatic transmission.

The major difference between the two is that while in manual transmission you would be manually shifting gears to adjust your speed and in automatic transmission the car does the selection itself.

Many believe only smart and intelligent persons can drive. I say even a dullard can do excellently well in driving. To drive a car, you must have a strong will or passion to learn. Then follow these steps below and you are on your way to joining the best drivers in the world.

Steps to Becoming a Successful Driver

  • Memorise road signs and be careful to observe them while you drive.
  • Believe in yourself; develop self-confidence to keep moving regardless what happens. This includes when you make mistakes with movements, swerve into wrong lane, hit an object or vie off the road. Don’t let anything deter you from achieving your aim.
  • Never allow the car control you at any time, use your right leg on the brake pedal and never use your left leg, ensure you use you hit the brake pedal gradually, anytime you get nervous.

Get your car key ready, for manual transmission or stick shift.

This is the most interesting section, open the driver’s door and take your seat. Fasten your seat belt properly and Look carefully at the gear selector to be sure its placed in neutral (middle line of the gear ratio).

In a case you discover the gear selector is not in neutral position then follow these steps to return the gear lever to the neutral position, before you turn the ignition of the car.

  • Depress the clutch pedal completely (that’s the pedal by the left) ensure to only use the left foot.
  • Observe the gear selector top, and this is what you see

Fastest way to drive manual transmission

  • Shift the gear selector from any point it is through to the centre line. At that point the engine is disengaged from the gear.

Slowly release the clutch each time you place your foot on it (this is also called feathering). Slot in the key to the ignition and turn in a clockwise direction, hold on till the engine picks up. If its key-less car, then tap the start button till the engine picks up.

The clutch is the left pedal, the centre pedal is the brake while the right pedal is the gas or accelerator.

fastest way to learn to drive 2

You could allow the engine steam (be on standby) for 1 to 2 minutes before you place your left foot on the clutch pedal, depress it completely as before and shift the gear selector from neutral to gear 1 following the gear pattern.

Focus on your environment, with your hands on the steering, ensure no object is before you then you gradually release the clutch close to halfway. The car gently begins motion in a slow pace. Carefully control the edges of the car and maintain a straight curse.

As you release the clutch a bit above half way gradually place your right foot on the accelerator and gently pedal. Keep steady till you release the clutch completely.

If your vehicle is equipped with one, get familiar with the tachometer. This indicates revolutions per minute (RPMs) and will help you know when to shift gears. It’s simple to monitor, as you accelerate you observe the meter, it guides you to accelerate within economy range. The economy range also shows fuel consumption rate.

fastest way to learn to drive 3

Based on the sound of your engine you would know exactly when to shift gears and with time you may not need to look at the tachometer.

Note: If you release the clutch immediately after you have placed on a gear, the car would suddenly jump and the engine would go off. Always release the clutch slowly while accelerating slowly.

After a while of steady movement you would need to shift to the next gear, gear 2.

Procedure: gently remove your right leg from the accelerator and with your left foot, drag the clutch down completely to disengage the engine from the gear, and then shift the gear selector via the path to gear 2 from gear 1. Gradually release the clutch while you accelerate gradually.

These steps is repeated after a space of time to gear 3 from 2 and from gear 3 to 4….then to 5 which is called the speed gear.

To stop or slow down the vehicle, these are the steps to take

To slow down; while the car is still in motion, remove your right feet from the accelerator and place it on the brake pedal, gradually drag it down while observing the movement. You would need to return the gear lever to lower gear like 2, 3 Depending on how slow the vehicle attained. If it’s near a stop then you need to shift the gear lever to 1. Then you continue the process again to higher gears.

To stop the vehicle; you gently release your right foot from the accelerator and place it on the brake pedal. Gradually pedal on it till the vehicle comes to a near stop, quickly place your left foot on the clutch and drag down completely, with your right leg on the brake and the left on the clutch drag the brake pedal to a halt and maintain the left foot on the clutch to keep the engine raving.

Gradually shift the gear selector to the neutral and turn the key to the ignition anti-clockwise.

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